The Kings School Prospectus (digital) - page 2

K I N G S ’ S C H O O L W I N C H E S T E R
Kings’ is an oversubscribed, happy and successful
11-16 Community School with around 1650 pupils,
serving the city of Winchester and the surrounding
area. It has been judged as “Outstanding” by
OFSTED on 4 consecutive occasions, most recently
in 2014.
We take great pride in the very high standards
achieved by our pupils – they leave us as happy,
well-qualified, confident and well-motivated
young citizens and we are delighted that so many
go on to excel in local sixth-forms and colleges
and at university.
As a school, we are motivated by a sense of
the moral seriousness of what schools do; by a
conviction that education, while important, should
also be fun; by a belief that schools should be
inclusive families in which everyone is equally
valued; and by a determination that each one of us
will become the very best person that we can be.
It is a tremendous privilege to
be the headteacher of any
school and I am delighted and
proud in equal measure to have
been entrusted with the
responsibility of leading
Kings’. I hope that you will
agree that it is a fantastic
place for young people to learn and develop and
that, having read this prospectus, you will want to
visit us and see it for yourself.
Matthew Leeming
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